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GSR-calcium-logo-675   GSR CALCIUM

98% pure elemental Calcium.
Breaks soil compaction improving water penetration. Neutralises Na in high Salt soils.

msr-logo   MSR

A micronized Soft Rock Phosphate <10micron. This unique source of Rock Phosphate also contains over 70 additional trace minerals.

Essential Phos logo-850



A highly soluble clean plant available source of NPK. Used in combination with GSR Calcium to drive photosynthesis.

zumsil image   Zumsil

24% Monosilicic acid. Plants can only absorb Silicon in the form of monosilicic acid. Alleviates aluminium soil toxicity. Increased yields in cereal crops and maize.

ComCat_small.jpg   ComCat

A plant strengthening product containing naturally occurring plant hormones.
Used on Row Crops, Pasture, Fruit, Vegetables and Seedlings. BioGro registered Organic in New Zealand.

AnnGro Image   Anngro

A delivery molecule for water soluble compounds including liquid fertilisers. Enhances plant nutrient uptake efficiency. Derived from a plant fatty acid.
Crop Candy

A combination of metabolites, phytohormones and L-amino acids.
Enhances Photosynthesis, Flowering and Set.


A combination of micro elements that enhances the activity and efficiency of Mitochondria, the plant cells energy producer.
Enhances all plant physiological processes as a consequence. Reduces Cold Stress and Frost Damage.

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