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AnnGro was developed and  patented by scientists at North West University in South Africa and consists of sponges suspended in water that will absorb molecules’ into themselves following their mixing together.
After a short period of time the molecules become packed into the sponges and these sponges are able to easily move through the membranes of plants and throughout the plant.

Once packed inside the AnnGro sponges, molecules including those that  would  normally have difficulty passing into and throughout a plant can now do so.

AnnGro is used currently to aid in the delivery of ComCat and also fertilisers into plants.
It’s use with other agricultural compounds including Insecticides’, fungicides, herbicides are currently under investigation in a number of Universities.

AnnGro has been proven to be able to facilitate the movement of many elements throughout the plant following a foliar application. In the case of Calcium this ability has previously been unknown and has greatly improved the quality of the resultant fruit or vegetable produce.
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