Anngro™ Summary

What is AnnGro™?
AnnGro™ was developed and patented by scientists at the North West University in South Africa as a micro-emulsion that acts as a trans locator or uptake enhancer to carry molecules over plant membranes.
AnnGro™ contains certain fatty acids that act as sponges suspended in water that will absorb molecules’ into themselves following their mixing together.
What does AnnGro™ do?
AnnGro™ acts as a sponge that “packs” the active ingredient into itself disguising the packed molecule. The AnnGro sponges can easily move through plant membranes.   After a short period of time, the “packing” time, molecules become packed into the sponges and these sponges are able to easily move through the membranes of plants and throughout the plant carrying the packed ingredient inside it. Molecules that cannot easily move into plants can now do so when packed into the AnnGro sponges. This is because the plant membrane doesn’t see the packed molecule inside the sponge, only the AnnGro sponge.

AnnGro is used to improve the uptake of ComCat.   It is also used to increase the uptake of fertilizers, and certain insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides when applied as a foliar spray. It is also used to increase the uptake of liquid fertiliser by roots when applied as a soil drench. 
AnnGro has been proven to be able to facilitate the movement of many elements throughout the plant following a foliar application. In the case of Calcium this has greatly improved the quality of the resultant fruit or vegetable produce.
How to Use AnnGro
AnnGro is mixed in a small volume of water and the compound to be “packed” added to this premix. A “packing” time of at least 60 minutes is required to “pack” the active ingredient. After the packing time the premix is added to the spray tank and spraying commences.
The volume of AnnGro used depends on the final spray volume being used per hectare and the size of the molecule being “packed”. Generally this is 20mls per 100L of final spray volume up to a maximum of 120mls per hectare.
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