Application Potential of ComCat

ComCat® applied to a plant is absorbed by all plant parts (leaves, stalks, roots or seeds). The active substances stimulate the plant which responds by accelerating certain physiological and biochemical processes. Treatment with ComCat® activates both “Growth” and the “Plant’s Own Defence Mechanisms” within the plant.

Here Growth includes seed germination, seedling growth (especially root development) and flower bud formation. Improved physiological processes include respiration rate, chlorophyll content, photosynthesis rate as well as water and nutrient uptake.

  • As a result of monoculture agricultural practices natural Plant Defence Mechanisms are suppressed. ComCat® treatment increases the ability of plants to survive better under stress conditions. Plant stress can be caused by several environmental factors (abiotic) like heat, cold, drought, flooding or physiological changes in plant growth or biotic stress factors such as fungal diseases.

In order to confirm the application potential of ComCat®, agronomic parameters such as seed germination, root and coleoptile growth of seedlings, seedling establishment as well as later vegetative growth and final yield were monitored under laboratory and field conditions. It repeatedly became clear that ComCat® had a slight enhancing effect on seed germination but a significant effect on especially root growth in young seedlings of several test crops, subsequently leading to the establishment of strong seedlings that are better adapted to utilise the available soil water as well as nutrients.

However, substantial yield increases were observed, especially in vegetables and fruit crops, but also in row crops such as wheat, maize, sunflower and groundnuts. From this it seemed that ComCat®, despite its enhancing effect on root and coleoptile growth, did not induce unwanted vegetative growth to such an extent that it could jeopardise the final yield as was found in the past for nitrogen application at an early growth stage.

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