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Essential Phos logo-850Phosphorous is an essential nutrient in the growth of healthy, nutritious plants and the process of photosynthesis to create sugar. Clean, available, water soluble, low salt, free of heavy metals, and efficient, are all criteria for the products used on our food supply. Many different brands and formulations are available on the market today, but what do you need to know to ensure that your crops are getting adequate amounts of good, clean, available phosphorous?
Dr. Carey Reams determined that the connection between the use of available Calcium and available Phosphorous to increase photosynthesis and sugar production.
”  Increased levels of sugars in the sap increases plant immunity, resistance to disease, and better tolerance to insects and pathogens. If a high sugar content in a plant can decrease the need for chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides, does it not make sense to grow a healthier plant with higher nutrition? ”

The Phosphorus In Your Soil

All forms of phosphorous in the soil are not the same. Phosphorous is a highly active element. Plants absorb minerals that are in water soluble form. The majority of the phosphorous found in the soil is not water soluble, but rather in the form referred to as P1 and P2. In order for insoluble phosphorous to metabolize into plant available phosphate, soil conditions, biological activity, and electrical conductivity must be ideal.
Balance is the key.
Higher functioning plants grown for food, do best in soil that is in harmony with their needs. Weeds (lower functioning plants) also do best in soil that is in harmony with their needs. This harmony depends on the condition of the biology, the chemistry and the physics of the soil. The use of products that contain excess salts, heavy metals, or even compounds that contain unnecessary minerals may shift this balance. Use of clean, water soluble nutrients that promote the process of photosynthesis and sugar production is the key to growing healthy, nutritious plants.

Why Essential Phos?

Essential Phos is a scientifically blended product that assists with the harmony of the chemistry, biology and physics of the plant and the eco-system from which the plant grows. Essential Phos is a water soluble product that will supply the phosphate and the energy needed for exceptional plant health and development without adding salts and heavy metals to your soil. Essential Phos is designed and balanced to be used with GSR Calcium.
Use of a complete program that identifies the need for balance in the biology, chemistry, and physics involved in the plant growth will ultimately assist producers to better manage their fields, their crops, and their business.

Essential Phos Aims To:


  • Develop strong, healthy root systems

  • Produce strong, healthy plants with a high natural sugar content

Due to the high energy and availability of the phosphorous of our products, a small amount will go a long way. Use of clean, available phosphorous will ensure that your plants gain the nutrients that they need. We are confident in our knowledge that the addition of available calcium and clean water soluble phosphorous is the best solution to a wide range of soil and plant problems. High Brix Manufacturing is dedicated to the development and distribution of products that meet this need. Talk to your soil representative about our programs and products.

Know and Understand Your Product

There are many forms of phosphates on the market. The most common of these are MAP, DAP, Ortho, and Poly. Each blend is represented by different claims, and different grades and guarantees. Unfortunately, these figures only represent a small piece of the picture. Production of sugar (photosynthesis) is a very important component in the measurement of health of your plants. Plants can only absorb water soluble minerals. As a producer, it is important to understand that N-P-K grades represent an amount reflective of quantity, but may fail to address availability. Take the time to learn what your plants need and can use, versus what your inputs are actually giving you.


Phosphorous is the workhorse in the soil. All minerals other than Nitrogen should enter the plant in the phosphate form. In cooperation with Calcium, photosynthesis is increased and the production of sugar is greater.
Phosphorus is found in several forms in the soil, i.e.: P1, P2, and P204. P204 is the organic state that is stable in the soil and available to the plants. All other forms of phosphorous require metabolic changes before the plant is able to utilize it.
Characteristics of Phosphate include:

  • More vigorous and rapid growth.
  • Early root development.
  • Better development and quality of grain.
  • Hastened maturity.
  • Increased nitrogen uptake.
  • Increased mineral content.
  • Higher BRIX readings in plant sap.
  • Promotes energy release in cells, cell division, and enlargement, photosynthesis.
  • Contained in the cell DNA.”
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