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ZumSilTM is the perfect plant and soil amendment 

Zumsil is a 24% solution of Monosilicic acid.  

Monosilicic acid is the only Silicon containing molecule that can be taken up by plants. It is referred to as Plant Available Silicon (PAS).  

All plants need some Silicon in the form of Monosilicic acid in the soil to thrive. 

Silicon is needed by plants to grow strong cell walls and is critical to plants’ defence against pests and diseases as well as environmental stresses.  

Some species of plants have higher requirements for Silicon to thrive. 

All soils have a lot of Silicon present, sandy soils more than clays but most is in the form of Silicon Dioxide which is insoluble and not plant available. Many soils do not have enough Monosilicic acid present to match the plants requirements. 

Monosilicic acid also improves soil texture and the water holding capacity of the soil. It also improves plant availability of some minerals and prevents some toxic minerals from damaging plants.  

For more information watch the video below or email your questions to Allan or Guy. 

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